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Pandemonium raid

January 13th, 2012 - PoRtCuLLiS

I took a break from AO for a couple of months. Sadly I missed the xmas festivities on Rubi-Ka and all Santaleet had to offer. Never mind! Today I joined in with a raid and went to a Pandemonium instance for the first time.

iPande entrance The Night Heart

That's the corpse of The Night Heart up there. He drops some great belts of varying colours, which add +50 to a pair of base abilities (e.g. Maar's Red Belt of Double Power for Stamina/Strength). I don't have enough raid points to really compete in the bidding for one of these items, but hopefully one day soon. For the moment I'm still rolling around wearing a bog standard Belt Component Platform 6K-X.

The Beast The Beast killed

The main event of Pandemonium is an encounter with The Beast. This badboy can sometimes hit for 14k of damage, which is more HP than some people have. One or two members died but our raid went quite smoothly overall. Again I couldn't afford to bid for the higher end items, once I have enough raid points I want to get an Anger of the Xan, perhaps the best soldier gun in the game. I picked up some small bits and pieces, like the Sigil of Bahomet. I also looted a few corpses along the way for Spiritech Network Analyzer (x2) and a Blue Glyph of Aban, which is a mystery item to me at the moment.