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Miy's armor and slugs

July 6th, 2011 - PoRtCuLLiS

I've ditched the Charred Abaddon Chassis, as much as I love its style, traveling around everywhere on foot is too much of a drag. A friendly adventurer suggested Miy's Tank Armor as a replacement, so I headed to Perpetual Wastelands to face down some cyborgs.

En-route I came across two giant slugs called Gargantuan Baraton. Info about these things online is scarce and I wondered if it would drop anything cool. Despite a good struggle, it chewed me a new one, so I'm still left wondering.

After recovery I decided to leave the slugs alone and stick to borgs. There are a lot of these things in PW. I took out a handful of grey ones, before deciding they were too low-level to be worth my time. Into the Cyborg Camp. I killed around 7 before getting my first piece of Miy's, sadly it was the wrong type - Miy's Nano Armor Legs. People don't seem keen to buy it from me either. Shortly after I was mobbed by 3 or 4 borgs at once and died. Maybe I should join a guild.

Bought myself a cheap Miy's Tank Armor Helmet on GMS to make me feel better and logged.