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Jobe scientists in Scheol

July 18th, 2011 - PoRtCuLLiS

Another mammoth session of AO today. I started off with my daily mission, "Scooplets Outbreak" yet again in Deep Artery Valley, I swear they need to add more missions into the mix. After I was done, I decided to explore a nearby area called Golem Island. On the water's edge some Stalker mobs were hanging around. I remembered these guys sometimes drop an item which can be turned into a Stalker Helmet, so I got out of the Yalm and zapped them. Nothing dropped though.

I was about to head off when I got aggro'd by an odd looking thing called Pain Lord. He was sporting a long orange bar (level 220ish) so I didn't like my chances at all. Surprisingly he wasn't hitting me with many shots, while I was firing with everything I had. The burst cycle on the Blackbird is pretty fast which helps a lot, and I've now got some special perk-based attacks too from the SMG line (maxed). Topping up my health with One-More-Hit Healing was enough to get by and within a couple of minutes Pain Lord was no more.

Fighting Pain Lord. PoRtCuLLiS kills Pain Lord.

The bulk of my time though was spent in Scheol doing the Jobe scientists quest. This thing involves so much running around that it takes an age, especially since you don't get to use your vehicles and the run-speed buff Grid Space Freedom is unavailable. Overall I'm finding these types of quests pretty good for leveling and getting little bonus items, certainly more interesting than killing hecklers over and over. I leveled up twice today, that's 204 now - ding ding! Grats grats. Parts of the quest are well paid too, I'd made around 5 million credits by the end of it.

Added some more items to my shop terminal, it's now full, their capacity is quite limited so you can't just dump all your stuff on them sadly. A cool tip that I only just found out.. the nightclubs in each city can be used for warping, e.g. Neuters'R'Us takes you to Newland (very handy if the city is in the sticks). City in the sticks haha. Crazy.