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August 10th, 2011 - PoRtCuLLiS

After doing my dailies I spent a lot of time just milling around unsure of what to do. It seems that once people hit 200 they swarm toward Inferno (in the Shadowlands) to do the rest of their leveling. The trouble is, you need a special pair of boots to even walk around in Inferno. The quest for these involves a massive raid group, so the only real alternative is to buy a pair - the asking price around 40M credits. That's not a lot of money in today's RK economy, but still more than I have at the moment. Bought a couple of soldier nanos from the SL gardens - Empowered Partial Reflective Field and Heighten fight (Team). These are the best versions I can get at the moment because you need the garden's permanent key before you're allowed to use the nano vendor, and Adonis is as far as I've gotten where keys are concerned.

I've picked up a Dreadloch Modified Shark gun. It's an assault rifle. I decided dual-wielding Ofab Hawk SMGs would be too much hassle, having to upgrade both guns 5 times each (the bio-materials needed for each upgrade aren't cheap either).

Towards the end of the night I went on a raid to Sector 35, looted some small bits and pieces along the way. We also tried Sector 28 twice but got mauled after someone's pets went astray.