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Dreadlochs and aliens

September 4th, 2011 - PoRtCuLLiS

The iraid bot went around killing Dreadloch mobs tonight, specifically the ones in Southern Artery Valley and 3 Craters East. This was the first time I'd seen raid members 'mech up', though I wasn't part of the mech team on this occasion. Through the auctions I looted a Dreadloch Stabilising Aid and two bio-materials of type 468.


Later on I assembled a few bits of Crepuscule armor, for no real reason other than I had the parts already. This is an ok armor with nice enough stats, but no longer the best around. I think they should ditch the NODROP tag and let people share it, so it can be of use to someone.

Sales at my shop in the Coast of Peace are doing fine, bank balance is currently at 70M creds.

The last activity of the night was a raid of APF Sector 13, again with the iraid bot. The process for the end encounter of S13 is strict, one team must focus on the boss while all other teams kill off any adds. I was on team 2, killing adds, and it was all going very smoothly. In a moment of downtime I clicked the boss to check his health, he was around half way dead. I was then attacked by an add and completely by accident, I fired a full-auto volley right into the boss. I stopped immediately in dread, and watched what unfurled next stunned. Hundreds of small spider mobs appeared and swarmed everyone, many of the raid team died, including myself, and others retreated out of the area.

After a regroup we gradually retook the area from the spiders and then killed the boss. To my relief, no one noticed my blunder and the events were put down to 'a bug'. Comically, I even won the raffle for the main loot of Action Probability Estimator. Funny how things work out.