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Blackbirds and treatment

July 12th, 2011 - PoRtCuLLiS

Finding an engineer willing to assemble my Virral Triumvirate Egg (x3) was like pulling teeth, but eventually I found a good guy who did it for me - even refusing to take a tip. Faith in the community restored. I sold the first egg over one of the shopping channels for 15M credits.

In other good news, I've reached level 202. Today's daily mission was the one where you hoard up 100 roller rats into a trap within 15 minutes. TMS shield and a run-speed buff are great for this and I did it with loads of time to spare.

My thoughts have moved on to changing weapons. The Boosted Hellspinner Shock Cannon has served me well but had its day I feel and I'd prefer to be dual-wielding Blinded Blackbirds instead. They may not be as good as some of the newer Shadowlands / Lost Eden guns but I'll get to those in my own time. I already have the Blackbirds in my inventory but can't equip them just yet due to the high (ish) SMG requirement and my setup isn't right for it. Something I hope to fix asap.

It turns out that implants are no longer the 'in' thing, more people are using symbiants instead, with good reason. These new symbiants boost a much wider range of skills than the standard 3 you'd get on an implant. Other than that though, the mechanics of how they work seem the same, they fix into the standard implant slots and require a certain amount of treatment skill. I spent a while looking into ways I could realistically improve my treatment stats, bearing in mind that I'm not currently in an org and not very uber at all. I brought my alt character Traids back in on the action and rolled a mission for OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz, a lowly gun which gives a fairly decent +10 to treatment. This time I set the mission slider to 'Bad', which gave much more omni-friendly locations.

Now along with the new gun, an omni medsuit, some Biomech Armor, a perk reset, buffs from a doctor and existing implants, I should be able to get my treatment skill up pretty high.